Peek Performance is a group of trusted professionals who have provided insurance and financial services to more than 100,000 clients throughout the United States.

We offer a full range of insurance products and financial services for your health, family and financial security. Peek Performance Insurance wants to help answer your questions about:

  • Employer Benefits – We’ve saved businesses 30 – 50% on their employee benefits!
  • ACA and “NON ACA” Individual Health plans. 
  • Medicare and Medicaid Health Options – some at $0 per month … no kidding!
  • “Paycheck Protection” / Disability Income
  • Accidental Injury Plans … This can reduce Employers Workmen’s Comp Claims and Employee’s Out of Pocket costs!
  • GAP (Out of Pocket Protection) Insurance Plans, Some Guaranteed Issue!
  • Cancer/Dread Disease (the best in the business!)
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing Plans – Any Provider!
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance & Safe Money Options


At Peek Performance, we understand that purchasing the right kind of Health & Life insurance and “Safe Money” plans can be like trying to understand a foreign language. Our agents are trained to help you every step of the way and are available to assist you in choosing the right plans for you and your loved ones. Peek Performance is also the safe money” agency and can also help you plan a tax-free retirement.

Whether you’re a small business person looking for individual or small group health care, or an employee who can’t afford your dependent coverage – we’re able to help! Peek Performance offers “Non ACA” plans and we have the best and most affordable “Guaranteed Issue” GAP plan in the nation, for those who either can’t afford the out of pocket exposure of their major medical plan.

Peek Performance is a leader in helping business learn about how the recently passed Affordable Care Act Laws can work for – not against businesses.

To discuss your insurance and financial needs, please call us at 866.314.7417. We would be happy to direct you to one of our experienced, knowledgeable and trusted agents. We’d also love to come and speak to your church, civic, affinity, or business group. We provide entertaining and educational guest speakers that will help your group understand more about Government Entitlement programs, wise stewardship of your finances, and much more.

Peek Performance is also proud to have appointed over 6,000 insurance and financial agents. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our agents are kept up-to-date on the latest protocol in both the insurance and financial fields. Weekly webinars, exclusive training events and a constant stream of information are only a few benefits of working with Peek Performance. To discuss doing business as an agent with Peek Performance, please contact us at 864.228.2635 and ask for one of our “Personal Marketers.”