As Easy as 1-2-3!

Peek Performance is offering Unlimited, $10 Telemarketed Leads to our agents who have the following appointments with us:

1 – United HealthCare

  • Contracted and certified (ready to sell) UHC with PPI.
  • OR Provide documentation to show you initiated transfer request for UHC (to the carrier and your current FMO) AND have other MA plans with PPI you are certified and ready to sell now.
  • For New Appointment or Transfer Instructions, contact Terri S (

2 – A Competitive Medicare Supplement Carrier

  • To discuss a Med Sup carrier that will qualify for your area, contact Robert Nance ( or call 864.228.2635.

3 – Drug Reimbursement/Home Health Care

  • Choose either Kemper or GTL.  The GTL contract can be completed via SuranceBay.  Contact Jenny ( to request the Kemper contract link.

Once you are appointed & certified with all 3 carriers above, contact Robert Nance ( or 864.228.2635) to submit your lead order!

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