As Easy as 1-2-3!

Peek Performance is offering Unlimited, $10 Telemarketed Leads to our agents who have the following appointments with us:

1 – 2 MA Appointments with PPI

  • Must include United Healthcare or Humana (or both)
  • Contracted and certified (ready to sell) these plans with PPI.
  • OR Provide documentation to show you initiated transfer request for UHC (to the carrier and your current FMO) AND have 2 other MA plans with PPI you are certified and ready to sell now.
  • For New Appointment or Transfer Instructions, contact Terri S (

2 – A Competitive Medicare Supplement Carrier

  • To discuss a Med Sup carrier that will qualify for your area, contact Robert Nance ( or call 864.228.2635.

3 – Drug Reimbursement/Home Health Care

  • Choose either Kemper or GTL.  The GTL contract can be completed via SuranceBay.  Contact Jenny ( to request the Kemper contract link.

Once you are appointed & certified with all 3 carriers above, contact Robert Nance ( or 864.228.2635) to submit your lead order!

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