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Thursday, December 14, 2017

   Commissions FAQ

What if I have missing clients/commissions on my statement?

REMINDER:  2016 ACA polices are now in "renewal", which pays less than 1st year commissions.


*NOTE:  This page is still under construction.  New/updated information is still being added.

Schedule of Commission Payments

For commissions that are paid by the Carrier directly:

There is a company contact # and/or online Agent Portal link in the grid below.  Most companies will post commission statements in your agent portal on their website.  

For commissions that are paid by PPI:

Agents can access their APL commission statements at  Click here for login information.


 Carrier  Paid By  Commission / Statement Information / Notes
 Abacus  Carrier  Abacus - 800-643-2212
 Aetna / Coventry One - ACA    
 (Through 4/1/16 Effective dates)     
 See Messer's website for detail - click here 
 Aetna / Coventry One - ACA
 (Effective dates 1/1/17 forward)
 PPI  Effective Jan 1, 2017 - Will be paid by PPI 
 Aetna MA  Carrier  
 Advicare  PPI  Advicare Payment Schedule - APL Statement
 Ambetter  PPI  ACA Payment Schedule - APL Statement
 Ambetter Broker Site (To View Business)
 Americo  Carrier  Americo Agent Resource Center
 Americo Agent Line - 800-231-0801
 Anthem / BCBS of GA  PPI  ACA Payment Schedule - APL Statement
 Access Anthem Broker Portal to View Your Business
 ​Assurant  PPI  PPI Commission Payment Schedule 
 BCBS of SC & Blue Choice of SC        PPI  ACA Payment Schedule - APL Statement
 Access BlueChoice BASES Tool to View Your Business 
 BCBS of TN  Messer   See Messer's website for detail - click here 
 BCBS of TX  PPI  
 Centene  PPI / Carrier     PPI pays manager overrides only 
 Cigna - ACA  PPI  For effective dates Jan. 2017 and forward
 Cigna Healthspring - MA  Carrier  Cigna AgentView Login
 Cigna Commissions Support - 800-903-7711
 CUL / Manhattan Life / Family Life  Carrier  CUL Commission Information & FAQ
 CSI Life  Carrier  
 Family Heritage  Carrier  Family Heritage - Agent Accounting - 440-922-5120
 Foresters  Carrier
 Foresters Agent Line - 866-466-7166
 Gateway  Carrier
 Gerber Life  Carrier
 Gerber Life Agent Portal
 GTL  Carrier
 GTL Agent Resource Center
 GTL Commissions Department - 800-323‐6907
 Heartland National  Carrier  
 Humana One ACA  Messer  See Messer's website for detail - click here
 Humana One ACA
 (Effective dates 1/1/17 forward)
 PPI  For effective dates Jan. 2017 and forward
 Humana Marketpoint - MA  Carrier / PPI  PPI pays manager overrides only
 Manhattan Life - Med Supp  Carrier  Manhattan Life Agent Resource Center
 Medi-Share  PPI  PPI Commission Payment Schedule
 APL Statement
 Medico  Carrier
 Medico Agent Portal
 Medico Agent Line - 
 Mutual of Omaha  Carrier  Mutual of Omaha Agent Center
 Phoenix Life  Carrier
 Phoenix Life Agent Resource Center
 SLAICO (Standard Life & Accident)  Carrier
 SLAICO Agent Portal
 SLAICO Marketing Line - 888-290-1085
 Standard Life & Casualty  Carrier
 Standard Life & Casualty Agent Center
 State Mutual   Carrier  
 TransAmerica  Carrier  
 United HealthOne / Golden Rule  PPI
 United HealthOne Agent Resource Center
 PPI UHO-GR Commission Payment Schedule
 United Home LIfe  Carrier

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