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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Senior Marketing

Note: Agents, you will need to register/login to view the product specific info when you click on the company names below.

3.  uranceBay

Our new electronic contracting tool is called SuranceBay.   Please complete your personal information and then choose one contract you would like to be appointed with through Peek Performance Insurance.  After you complete the process for the first contract, you may reenter the site and appoint for any/all companies that you'd like to represent.

If you already are appointed with Peek Performance Insurance with a product please do not fill out an additional contract for that product.  This is fornew contracts only. If you are appointed elsewhere and need a transfer, please contact for instructions. 

Click here for a tutorial of this program before clicking on the contracting link as it will walk you completely through the appointment process.  

This program will look up your licensing information using NIPR and will keep up with the licenses you have and whether or not you need to renew your E/O etc.  This is completely free to you.  

Click here for the SuranceBay online contracting link

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