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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Bringing clients the best in insurance products.
Providing agents with the best training.

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Upcoming Meetings

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   Upcoming ACA & MA Informational Meetings   

Register below for ACA University Webinars:

Health Reform 101* -

Monday, Oct. 20th @ 4 pm est

Stack 200, Write 50 a Week!* -

Tuesday, Oct. 21st @ 4 pm est

Selling Groups Without a Group Health Plan* - 

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd @ 4 pm est

CUL GI GAP & Ancillary Plans (Electronic App!) - 

Thursday, Oct. 23rd @ 4 pm est

Assurant Health/Ancillary Plans & EASE Online Selling - 

Friday, Oct. 24th @ 4 pm est

Health Reform Opportunity Show

Monday, Oct. 27th @ 5 pm est​

* Password required for admission to these classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Password will be sent the morning of each class to our fully appointed agents.
 Contact us at 864-228-2635 to inquire about contracting options.



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